Environment & Planning Attorneys

Environment & Planning Attorneys

Environmental and town planning concerns permeate legal and public-policy decision-making in South Africa. Most development projects of any size must deal with complex environmental and land use regulations developed by national, provincial, and local governments.

The Environment & Planning Division provides an extensive service that will assist clients in evaluating and coping with the environmental risk inherent in many commercial transactions today.

Areas of assistance include:

  • Spatial Land Use & Planning
  • Compliance with statutory environmental regulations
  • Location and licensing of environmentally sensitive facilities
  • Advice in relation to pollution incidents, clean-up claims and liability
  • Occupational health and safety and environmental liability
  • Hazardous and solid waste management and transportation
  • Assistance in obtaining, or objecting to, environmental and development approvals
  • Litigation of environmental disputes and representation at statutory tribunals dealing with environmental matters
  • Corporate SHE audits


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